About Us

Our purpose is “to spread, promote and advance the Italian culture at MIT and in the Boston area, create a network for Italian students at MIT and serve as a link between MIT and Italian Companies, Universities and Associations.”

MITaly was officially recognized by MIT in 2003, but elections and on-campus events were already taking place by as early as 2000.

We strive to facilitate a well-connected network of students who are linked by a shared experience of both MIT and Italian culture. If you’re on campus, come to our events, and if you’re abroad, stay in touch.


//  WIRED.it  //  –  ” MITaly, chi sono e cosa fanno gli Italiani al MIT di Boston

MITaly Board


Current Board:

  • President: Andrea Fanelli
  • Vice-President & Treasurer: Giulia Agostinelli
  • Board Member: Stefania Bartoletti
  • Board Member: Tommaso Biancalani
  • Board Member: Riccardo Di Clemente
  • Board Member: Kevin Galie’
  • Board Member: Bianca Giovanardi
  • Board Member: Gianpaolo Gobbo
  • Board Member: Nicola Martino
  • Board Member: Paolo Minelli
  • Board Member: Gherardo Vita


  • Federico Parietti
  • Tommaso Taddei
  • Christopher Love
  • Alessandra Vecchiarelli
  • Giancarlo Lenci
  • Mariapaola Testa


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