Dessert Tour of Italy

This event featured special Italian desserts from the regions of Italy in celebration of Columbus Day and the Italian Heritage Month!

We traveled through Italy and tasted the best desserts of each region, including Sfogliatelle from Campania, Gianduiotti from Piedmont, or Cannoli from Sicily.

Along the journey, we learned about the regions representing the desserts and Italian traditions.


Food Technology and Expo

Innovative Technologies for the Food of the Future & Expo 2015.

In this event, speakers from industry and academia discussed about food technology and Expo 2015. Italian food was served. The event took place in the Silverman Skyline room, on the top of the Media Lab.

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Dessert Tour of Italy

It was a fun and tasty night for MITaly members, friends, and guests from the MIT Community.

Here, the ‘mitaliani’ are ready to start the event:


A couple hundred people took the tour of Italy and learned about its regions and culture through delicious and authentic desserts.