Networking Evening at the Consulate, with Italian Students in Boston

A Networking event organized by the Italian Consulate in Boston, MITaly and the Harvard Italian society. It was a very nice occasion to meet the incoming Italian students in Boston’s universities, together with researchers and students already in the city.



Food Technology and Expo

Innovative Technologies for the Food of the Future & Expo 2015.

In this event, speakers from industry and academia discussed about food technology and Expo 2015. Italian food was served. The event took place in the Silverman Skyline room, on the top of the Media Lab.

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Book Presentation: “Creating Economic Growth. Lessons for Europe”

When:  Thursday, 26 February (4-6pm)
Where: MIT Sloan, E62-276 (auditorium on the second floor in the new Sloan building at 50 Memorial Drive).
Title: “Creating Economic Growth. Lessons for Europe – Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as drivers of growth”
The book has been presented by author Marco Magnani ( ).

Presenting 10 new tenure-track positions at IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) – MITaly Networking Reception

Presenting 10 new tenure-track positions at IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)

Date: Wednesday, February 11th, at 6:30pm
Location: MIT Campus, Building 34, Room 34-101

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During the MITaly networking reception, John Assad, Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard and Deputy Director of the Italian institute of Technology, discussed IIT’s new plan to recruit more than 100 tenure track scientists over the next decade, including a current call for 10 new tenure-track positions in nanotechnology, materials science, multi-scale modeling, energy, robotics, molecular biology and bioinformatics.