Evolution of the Italian Comedy – Part 1: “Il Mostro” by R. Benigni

Italian comedy is a classical film genre that has its roots in the late 1950s and has been evolving alongside the greater Italian culture for the last 60 years.

In a three-part event, MITaly presents three carefully selected films representing the Italian comedy at different stages of its evolution. The first movie was “Il Mostro” (The Monster), starring, written, and directed by Roberto Benigni. (All movies feature Italian dialogue with English subtitles).


Da Vinci – The Genius

“Science is the captain, and practice the soldiers” [Leonardo da Vinci]

MITaly was very excited to organize a group visit to the most comprehensive exhibition on Leonardo Da Vinci, “Da Vinci – the Genius”,  held at the Museum of Science in Boston.

We had the opportunity to explore Leonardo’s most famous inventions, codices, anatomical studies, displays of his art in actual size, and much more!

Italian Dessert Tour (5th edition)

Il Giro dei Dolci is the biggest event organized by MITaly during the year. During the event, we will organize several dessert stations. In each station, each Italian region is represented by one or more desserts from that region. People will have the opportunity to move from one station to another, tasting a broad variety of Italian desserts. Come and enjoy some amazing specialities with us!

MITaly Welcoming Reception

MITaly welcomed the new Italian students at MIT with an awesome selection of Italian Pasta from the renowned Ristorante Gran Gusto in Cambridge. At the MUddy Charles Pub, the board presented the upcoming activities and events that MITaly is organizing, including the Aperitivo Scientifico with Stefano Domenicali, and the popular MITaly dessert night! Welcome new MITalians!!

MITaly Summer BBQ

MITaly celebrated the Ferragosto festivity with a great BBQ on campus. The event was definitely a great success and the food was fantastic. The MITaly Summer BBQ provided a beautiful chance for the Italians to mix with students from different countries, and to welcome them into our community!

MITaly Venetian Masquerade Ball

Each year, MITaly organizes a cultural event to celebrate the traditional Venetian carnival. We reproduce a typical Venetian Masquerade Ball through outfits and atmosphere. Italian music, photobooth, best dress competition and much more! During the event, people had the opportunity to taste an authentic Italian dessert, “Chiacchiere”, typical of the Carnival period.